Creativity: Lucy and the String!


Lucy and the String by Vanessa Roeder

I’m so excited to kick off the blog tour for Vanessa Roeder’s author illustrated debut, Lucy and the String (Dial Books for Young Readers), because I absolutely love it! Packed with creative problem solving and a story of friendship, this is a book you’ll definitely want on the shelves.

Lucy is a curious girl. When she finds a bit of string, she just can’t help but give it a yank. Little does she know that the other end is attached to a knit bear named Hank. As Hank unravels, Lucy endeavors to find a solution. With only themselves and a pair of knitting needs, it takes some serious creativity to solve this problem. Clever Lucy ultimately finds a fix that not only mends Hank, but builds a friendship too.

This book is utterly charming. Endearing characters and strategic use of color make for captivating art packed with energy and emotion. As Lucy attempts to clothe a consternated Hank, her limited resources lead to a series of inventive and entertaining ideas. Watching the string transform into hats, words, tutus, and more is guaranteed to produce plenty of giggles. But it’s also a great platform for discussing creativity: problem solving, the use of a single line to convey form and motion, and the creative incorporation of the line to convey the story.

Packed with discussion points for lessons on problem solving, art, and story telling, it’s an excellent choice for any classroom. And it would absolutely make for a delightful story time read. Bonus: The endpapers are fantastic!


“Oops!” Lucy gulped. Hank growled. “I’m sorry.” Hank huffed. “I know just what will cheer you up!”


Lucy’s next design was completely divine. It unfurled and twirled and whirled and swirled. “HOORAY!” But ballet didn’t suit Hank.


ta da! This fix was just right.