A CHRISTMAS WISH FOR CORDUROY and 5 Heartfelt Gifts That Can’t Be Wrapped!

img_5144I’m delighted to join this year’s Penguin Group blogger campaign, Walking in a Winter Wonderland, celebrating the season with a fantastic selection of titles! But I’m especially excited about the opportunity to share A Christmas Wish for Corduroy because I adore the original books by Don Freeman.

For those of you who are familiar with the original Corduroy series (Corduroy & A Pocket for Corduroy by Don Freeman), A Christmas Wish for Corduroy will feel like reuniting with an old friend. And if you’re just meeting Corduroy, you are in for a treat! These books celebrate friendship, wonder, curiosity, and loving others just as they are.

A Christmas Wish for Corduroy is written by B. G. Hennessy and illustrated by Jody Wheeler, and starts with Corduroy wishing for a name (so he can be on someone’s Christmas list) and a home. The storyline is a prequel to the original Corduroy and takes the reader up to the point where he meets Lisa, the little girl who becomes his home. The writing, art, and message are an impressively seamless fit with the original.

In the spirit of Corduroy’s wish for his own special place in the world, here’s a list of 5 heartfelt, wrapping-free gifts to share this holiday season:

  1. GIVE A HELPING HAND: There are many people in the world who have more responsibilities than they have time, energy, or resources to tackle. Completing a task from their to-do list might take a few minutes of your own time, but make a big impact in how they can spend theirs. Some suggestions are mowing a lawn, raking leaves, taking out the trash, picking up some groceries or vacuuming. You’re guaranteed to brighten their day with your wrapping-free thoughtfulness and generosity.
  2. GIVE QUALITY TIME: We all have people in our lives that we never get to spend enough time with, even though they hold a special place in our hearts. Set aside dedicated time for this person, and do something you and they enjoy together. Perhaps going out for lunch, watching a movie, or just talking about life. You and they are guaranteed to enjoy your time together more than a cursory gift exchange.
  3. SHARE YOUR TALENTS: Are you an accomplished musician, baker, gardener or artist? Do you have a talent that someone else has admired? Take that talent and turn it into something special to share — perhaps baking a celebratory dessert together, sharing your knowledge about how to make their garden flourish, or performing a piece of music. Such a gift is uniquely yours to give.
  4. Words of Affirmation
  5. Contribute to a Cause – ALS, Dogs, Baseball